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Content & SEO

We can persuade your website visitors to become paying customers. A good website needs to do more than just look good. Content, one of the hot topics when it comes to sorting your website. Images, videos, graphics, blog posts and rich copy are what make the internet. Without good content and good SEO, you’re throwing away potential leads, starving your brand of the traffic that it needs to generate you a living.

That’s why when you work with us, we’ll also write the words for your website that will turn browsers into buyers. All our content is SEO friendly, which makes it easy for people to find you via the world’s biggest search engines.

Good Content: Convert browsers into buyers

40% of users disengage with websites that have too much text and not enough images.

Images sell a product or service, don’t flood your customers with just copy, give them a balance of both.

Good content: Makes you sound good online

Making the subject of your website immediately clear is a great start in impressing your ideal clients and positioning yourself as the obvious choice.

Your copy should be to the point and easy to read, but also rich in keywords to help search engine traffic.


Website copy is important! Don’t be mistaken, you can have copy which reads well, but does it sell your service? Does it bring in the traffic? Content should be specific, to the point, and rich in targeted keywords. Our team will work with you to write beautiful copy and we’ll even do the keyword research.

Photography & Videography

Images and Video are two of the most engaging content types on the Internet. What would you rather do, read copy which tells you about a product or watch a video that sells the product? Our team offer professional photography and videography services so that you’re giving your product all the attention it deserves.

Search Engine Optimisation

“I need to be on the first page of Google!” Don’t we all! Our team are committed to helping you understand what SEO is and how we can help you get more sales and leads via your website with a better SEO strategy. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Cwm Connell – Case Study

Cwm Connell came to us looking to re-design and develop their website, but also to gain better traction with their search engine presence.

We worked closely with Lisa from Cwm Connell to research the best keywords for her website, as well as integrating these with the content on her site.

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