Premium WordPress website theme: is it really the best idea?

by: Byron Rees

posted: October 2, 2018

Premium WordPress website theme: is it really the best idea?

The rise of WordPress has done wonders for web design. However, this comes with choosing between a free, custom or premium WordPress website theme. This Content Management System gives clients full control of their website content – without breaking our lovingly written code.

Surveys conducted by W3Techs show that 28% of websites on the internet are WordPress – that’s over a quarter of the entire internet. With so many WordPress sites out there, you need to make sure that yours is the best-dressed website at the WordPress ball.

To do that, you’re going to need a snazzy outfit or, in WordPress terms, a beautiful custom WordPress website theme. You want your website to be a shining white diamond in a sea of glass beads and rhinestones likened to the crown jewels, not something you’d see on your local high street for no more than a tenner.

Why wouldn’t I just use a theme that WordPress already offers?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Custom themes are built solely for you. Your website will be unique, unlike the thousands of WordPress sites that use the same basic, generic theme. This makes your business stand head and shoulders above the competition. A custom theme gives your site the potential to be more haute couture and less hot mess.

Yes, having your own theme written is more expensive than using free templates or a premium WordPress website theme. However, those themes will never have the style, character or individuality of a custom theme. Another important factor to consider in the battle between a premium WordPress website theme and a custom theme is that a free or premium WordPress website theme will be updated frequently to keep up with widespread website trends and fashions. Whereas yours will remain stylish throughout.

The words of the late designer Yves Saint Laurent come to mind: “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”. While your custom theme will not last forever, it will certainly outlive any free template, as with the purchase of a custom theme, we offer updates to the latest versions of WordPress and a beautifully simple method of updating your website content to keep it fresh and up to date.

How can I get the most out of my WordPress website?

Updating your content is not the only way of revamping your site. United Studios offer Search Engine Optimisation services to help your site rank higher with search engines such as Google. This makes sites appear further towards the top of search engines, putting you one rung above the competition, literally. This is where the simplicity of WordPress becomes extremely useful. This is because your content can be updated instantly without breaking the functionality of your website.

Custom themes are time-consuming and pricier than templates, but they will leave your customers in awe, and your competitors in the dust.


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