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The Oxford Engraver

Adrian has had his own website for some time, but unfortunately, it wasn’t working for him or his business. He approached United Studios looking for advice and direction with his online presence.

Take a look at what the Oxford Engraver used to look like and the steps we took to build a better website.

The old website was tired and in need of some review. The systems that had been put in place to deal with sales and orders were no longer working for the business, and it had to change so that they could continue offering the best service possible to their clients.

Adrian was no longer happy with the branding and layout of the website and wanted United Studios to completely re-think how his website would work.

The website was not mobile compatible, and traffic was being lost because of the outdated layout of the website.

The new website

When re-designing the website for The Oxford Engraver we wanted the products to do the selling. We made product imagery the focal point of the design, with great emphasis on the service being provided.

Part of the re-development of the project was to no longer offer E-Commerce, strange as this would seem it wasn’t working for The Oxford Engraver. They offered a tailored service to their clients and needed more interaction with the client to ensure they were providing the best service.

We built a content management system which allows Adrian to manage his products, services, and pages with ease.

We are putting the final touches on The Oxford Engraver’s website ready for launch in 2018. Adrian is over the moon with the new brand image we’ve helped create for his business. The website is everything he was looking for, and is looking forward to getting his products and services out there for clients to see in a new more functional way.

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