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The Flexible Diet Coach

Dan’s a personal trainer. He hasn’t got the time to be faffing around with his website. He wanted to be able to post a blog once in a while and update the content on the website.

Have a look at what his website used to look like and what we did to help Dan develop his new website and incorporate his brand.

Dan built and put together his website himself. He managed his content and subscriptions, which is quite a task considering he was busy most days training with clients.

Dan wanted to move away from pushing blogs and eBooks immediately to the users of his website. He wanted the layout to be more functional and again he needed it to work on mobiles.

We worked with Dan very closely to understand his business and the results he was looking to achieve.

The new website

Dan wanted his website to be focused towards his business and the services he offers to his clients. We tailored the home page of his website to a landing page layout, providing key information about Dan, his services and his clients in a clean and enticing manner.

One of the objectives was to achieve a better bounce rate. Keeping more clients on the website for longer. We planned a user journey for Dan’s website with the ultimate end goal being someone contacting him for personal trainer services.

Dan also wanted his website to be clear and concise. We helped plan Dan’s page structure and content layout.

Dan has seen an increase in traffic, and his bounce rate has reduced to the industry recommendation. The website now offers everything Dan was looking for in a website solution. A stunning and structured design with easy to use content management systems so he can update the website when he wants.

“Before approaching United Studios I tried building my own website, and I thought I could do it alone. The team’s expertise has given my business a slick, easy to navigate website, built perfectly for potential clientele. The team were very professional in their approach, turnover time was quick and communication throughout was brilliant, making my life stress free. I’d highly recommend the team if you’re thinking of taking your business online.”

Daniel Davies
The Flexible Diet Coach

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