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Ben from The Canteen approached us looking to re-develop his already successful brand. We worked closely with Ben and the team at The Canteen to design and develop a brand new website, but we also helped them re-shape their menu and promotional material designs.

Take a look at the way this project has helped this brand evolve.

The brand development

The Canteen wanted to keep their existing logo, and who can blame them, they had already created a name for themselves, so why change it.

We worked with The Canteen to elevate the brand even further. Giving it more of a polished finish. We also took on board the need for the menu’s to look somewhat more refined and balanced. We got rid of the old looking menu style and started re-designing from scratch.

The end result is a bold, easy to read, clean yet attractive menu, showcasing the very best on offer from The Canteen.

The new website

As part of the process, The Canteen needed a website. We worked with them to create a minimal, simplistic one-page website that showcased the very best of The Canteen.

The website is easy to browse both on desktop and mobile and provides everything you need to know about The Canteen’s food, menu, team and rave reviews. We’ve been working with The Canteen for many years, and we’ve seen first hand how the development of their brand has helped their business to expand to be one of the best restaurants in Pembrokeshire.

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