Sydney-May Trust

The Client

When Jemma approached us regarding this sensitive project we knew it had to be handled in a different way. Jemma wanted the memory of her daughter to live on through the amazing work she was doing to set up the trust and raise awareness.

The Brief

Jemma was looking to create a brand and logo that represented everything her daughter Sydney-May was to her in such a short time. The website would become a resource providing critical information about SIDS and helping to raise awareness of it through the trust. Jemma poured her love and grief into this amazing charity and wanted to do everything she could to avoid this happening again. this project was close to our hearts, as Jemma’s mother was a client of United Studios, and we wanted to help them in anyway we could.

Our Solution

We designed a logo and developed a brand voice and image that Jemma could utilise in her marketing materials for the trust. We created a logo that represented Sydney-May and everything Jemma had told us about her little girl. We produced renditions of a logo, and continued to refine the final version until Jemma was 100% satisfied. Our team felt the final product reflected the love Jemma had for Sydney-May and tells a story of how she has now become an angel.

The website became a central resource for information about the trust, and how it supports raising awareness of SIDS and the additional services it offers for parents to safeguard against SIDS.

The Results

The brand is now utilised throughout the entire organisation, the logo is utilised to associate the story of Sydney-May to fundraising flyers, stickers and other promotional materials. It has helped raise awareness of Jemma’s story and help the trust to fundraise and obtain donations to support the purchase of baby monitors and other equipment that helps to monitor babyies whilst they sleep.

The website is now a traffic source for people looking for information about SIDS, as well as events that are being organised to fundraise for the trust. Jemma continue to promote her story and raise money for what we feel is an amazing organisation.

An absolutely fantastic team I probably gave them one of the most delicate websites to set up and they’ve handled it beautifully and done my baby girl proud, very happy to say they are part of team Sydney-May thank you so much.

Jemma Roberts

Sydney-May Trust

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