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Sydney May Trust

Jemma tragically lost her daughter, Sydney-May Burge last year to SIDS. Jemma wanted to start a trust to raise awareness, she needed a logo and a website. We were more than happy to help her achieve this.

When Jemma approached us regarding this sensitive project we knew it had to be handled in a different way. Jemma wanted the memory of her daughter to live on through the amazing work she was doing to set up the trust and raise awareness.

Jemma wanted the logo to remind her of Sydney-May. We took to the drawing board and came up with a number of designs which reflected on Jemma’s love for her daughter and how she had now become an angel.

The end result is a memorable, light logo which is used throughout the Trust in posts, on stickers and more.

The Website

Jemma wanted the website to be a resource, not only for people looking for help from her trust but to educate and guide other parents on SIDS, and what they could do to prevent it.

We produced a soft website which took into account the branding development we had completed for Jemma. We made use of soft yet powerful imagery to highlight the importance of knowing what SIDS is and how to prevent it.

As with all our websites, we made it compatible across multiple devices, to allow Jemma to reach as many people with her message.

The results

Since Jemma has started the trust she has raised thousands in donations to help support other parents who are worried about SIDS. She has utilised her brand and website to help elevate her message. The team at United Studios were more than happy to help be a part of this process, and we continue to support Jemma in her goal.

“Absolutely fantastic team I probably gave them one of the most delicate websites to set up and they’ve handled it beautifully and done my baby girl proud, very happy to say they are part of team Sydney, thank you so much”

Jemma Robert
Sydney-May’s Mum

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