Parrog Stores Cottages

The Client

Parrog Stores is a holiday cottage in Newport, Pembrokeshire. In 2017 the Rees family decided that they wanted to renovate the property and offer it our to visitors as a holiday let. The property has been in their family since 1922 and has been everything from a coach house to a grocery shop.

The Brief

The Rees family of Parrog Stores were looking to set up an online presence for their newly renovated holiday let. It was important that users could find out everything they needed to about the holiday let, as well as key information about the local area. The client wanted the website to be a resource that their business could use to generate direct bookings and reduce the reliance on 3rd party holiday letting agents.

Our Solution

Our team worked with the family to design a website that captured the natural beauty of Pembrokeshire effortlessly. We integrated photography of the property with a simple modular layout, providing a simple yet effective user journey that’s designed to convert users into bookings. The website provides access to information about the properties as well as the amenities available on site and gives ample yet informative details about what to do in the local area.

We feel this design delivers on everything the client set out to achieve; providing information to potential visitors about the property and local surrounding and encouraging them to make a booking through the website, all from the comfort of their device be it smartphone, tablet or desktop.

The Results

This was a brand new website that had never seen traffic before. Since launching, the website has obtained an excellent quality of traffic from organic search results and has proved to be a handy tool for the Rees family for their holiday let. The information provided on the website helps potential visitors to make an informed decision and they have gained a steady and reliable source of enquiries from the website.

We loved working with them on this project, and continue to help them exploit the benefits of a standalone website for their holiday let.

Byron and team have done an excellent job on our website, recommend to anyone wanting a website done efficiently, professionally and to a high standard. Diolch yn fawr!

Catrin Hartery

Parrog Stores Holiday Cottages

The Future

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