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Fflach is a household name when it comes to recording music in Wales. They approached United Studios looking to give their tired website a makeover. We were more than happy to offer our guidance and assistance.

The old website

The Fflach website had become neglected and unloved. There were functional issues with the architecture and it just needed a good sorting out.

We advised accordingly that the website needed to be re-designed and re-developed. We were looking to bring the brand back together in a professional and easy to use website.

The main priority of this project was to bring Fflach a new functional website, that was both user-friendly and compatible.

The new look

We worked with Fflach to bring their brand back to life. Our team re-drew their hand-drawn logo into digital. They now have a copy of this to transplant as much as they want.

The new website put a big focus on what Fflach was all about. We put a big emphasis on the e-commerce part of their website, adding areas to sell music in prominent locations throughout the website.

We maintained the Fflach brand colours throughout their website and ensured that information was easy to find by introducing a clear navigational structure and a search feature.

Part of the process of helping Fflach with their new website and brand was ensuring that their website was usable and compatible with everyone. We built a full mobile and desktop friendly design with full online shop functionalities.

They are able to add stock, products and make changes to the content all from their backend dashboard systems. We have made it easy for them to find information about sales, track most popular products as well as monitoring site visitor statistics.

We loved working with the Fflach team as it was the first time we’d done a website in the music industry.

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