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Bluestone Brewing Co.

Bluestone Brewing came to us looking to give their website a complete refresh. The main aim of the project was to drive more traffic to the website and convert more users into sales.

This is how we helped Bluestone Brewing design, develop and launch a website in just under 3 weeks.

The Bluestone team had two main objectives for their new website. Having an easy way to update content, events and products on their website themselves and being able to drive more sales to their online store.

Always designing responsively

We designed their page to be a landing page of customizable options, giving the Bluestone team sections they could customize and update when they needed to. This proved very good for targeting users with new information and enticing them to browse deeper into the website.

More focus was placed on the product being sold. Specific sliders showcasing products and spotlight sections were introduced to help drive traffic into sales. We also introduced an easier shop layout, with better and easier to understand cart process.

The Results

The changes we made to the design of Bluestone’s website have produced amazing results. The new design now showcases excellently their business brand. It’s now easier than ever to buy their beers online, which is evident from the increase in traffic and sales that Bluestone has experienced.

We worked with Bluestone Brewing for just over 3 weeks, and in this time we designed and developed a brand new mobile & desktop compatible website which is showing fantastic results for the client.

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