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Liam and Harriet were looking to rename their business, and in the process update and renovate their website. We took the challenge on board, and the results achieved were fantastic.

Have a look at what their business website used to look like and how our team helped them.

Out with the old…

We worked with ArborCulture to understand why they wanted to rename their business. Their old business name, LM Tree Solutions was no longer fit for purpose.

They wanted their business name to represent their brand and love for their day to day job.

In the process they were looking to revisit their brand, and how their existing use of colours and fonts did not fit in with what they were trying to achieve.

And in with the new

Our team designed a simple yet elegant logo for ArborCulture which incorporates the earthy colours of the business. We designed both business cards and a vinyl wrap for their vehicles too. We worked with ArborCulture to ensure that their brand identity was consistent throughout, ensuring it was adopted on the website, promotional materials and company vehicles.

When it came to the website we wanted to give people an immediate impression of what it was ArborCulture did. We set the subject immediately and used high-quality photography to show off the different services and work undertaken by ArborCulture.

We wrote informative and SEO friendly copy to help rank ArborCulture on Google for certain target keywords.

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