The American Association of Dance

The Client

The aims of the Association of American Dancing (AAD) is to promote all forms of dance and movement and to generate, sustain and promote a widening interest and awareness amongst the public at large, but more particularly among those intending a teaching or professional career in the general disciplines of dance and movement.

The Brief

We were approached by The AAD to develop a new website and database management system for their organisation. They were utilising a system which was poorly developed and contained many bugs due to coding libraries being outdated. We worked closely with the team at The AAD to understand what their database system needed to do for them and how they’d like the new system to work. We wanted to project to deliver robust, reliable and secure results for their organisation.

Our Solution

We designed a brand new website for The AAD, taking on board their organisations vision and mission and producing a simple, clean and informative website. The site is used as a resource for the organisation to communicate their message with new and existing members of the AAD. We implemented a new events management system and ensured the website content management system (CMS) was easier for the team to use.

We also created a bespoke database management system that allows the team at The AAD to manage their members, exams, courses, fees and administration tasks with ease. We set out to modernise their outdated system, adding new functionality that made the process of managing the data easier.

The Results

The system we developed for The AAD has delivered on their objective of delivering a management solution that is both effective, robust and secure for their organisation. The newly built and designed interface delivers the administration tools they need to manage their members with ease. They’ve been able to complete administration tasks quicker and easier, and we’ve been there to help them get to grips with the new system.

Their new website CMS allows them to manage the content, events and notices on their website even easier than before. The whole platform has given The AAD the tools it needs to run its business operations efficiently and effectively.

Having been badly let down by a previous company, we were put in touch with United Studios. The company have dealt with us most courteously and efficiently.  Difficulties, which have arisen have been managed capably and it has been so reassuring to have someone at the end of the telephone when required rather than the ‘to and fro’ of emails. Our working relationship to date, with United Studios and their staff, has been productive, positive and I hope will continue to be so.


Anna Scott

Owner, The Association of American Dance

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