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NinjaHosts Brand Acquired

This page is dedicated to providing information pertinent to the sale of the NinjaHosts brand.

Dear valued client,

I am writing to you today to inform you that the NinjaHosts brand has been acquired by 1 Click Services Limited. This page outlines our reasons behind not offering these services any longer and how we plan to offer these in future.

We trust you’ll take the time to read and understand our full reasoning behind taking this decision.

Why have you sold the brand?

I realise this may be a shock! I apologise that I’ve not been able to give you a warning – I’m sure you understand that legal precedents mean everything must be kept confidential until contracts are signed.

The directors of United Studios Ltd have chosen to sell the brand because of the disruptive nature that offering website hosting services is now having on our day to day business activities.

Our primary focus at United Studios is website design, development and digital marketing. As of late, we have experienced a surge in support requests for common website and email hosting issues which have had a negative impact on our day to day business operations.

Since the Brexit vote, we’ve experienced several price increases from our suppliers. We’ve tried to absorb these, however, it is no longer feasible for us to continue down this route. We cannot continue to absorb these price increases, and cannot continue to increase prices with every increase from our suppliers as it is not fair on our clients. We’ve always offered website hosting services as an addition to our other services, and in a small number of cases, we have set up independent hosting accounts for clients who are just looking for hosting.

Late last year we took the decision to merge NinjaHosts Ltd with United Studios Ltd to reduce running costs and to make the brand more viable. However, we were met with new price increases in 2018.

We have addressed all possible routes for the brand and services but each time it included vast price increases for clients as well as changes to the service level agreement that meant some support requests would now be charged for.

Our clients were at the forefront of our decision. We wanted them to continue to get the same service but from a company who operated a hosting network as their primary day to day operation. 1 Click Services Limited is a dedicated website hosting and cloud hosting provider. We have been renting server space and utilising their network for 5 years, and their support has been fantastic. We will continue to use their services but will send all new customers to them for hosting support, we’ll, of course, recommend the services you need from 1Click and can liaise with 1Click concerning them.

Who are 1Click?

1Click Cloud is a network and cloud hosting company. We have been working with them for over 5 years. Their products, services and support are un-rivalled. The team have always been helpful with managing our network provisions and support queries and we’ve got nothing but praise for their dedication to their customers.

Currently, NinjaHosts rents network space and provisions from 1Click Cloud as a dedicated reseller. All of these network provisions will be transferred to 1Click’s control as part of the acquisition.

1Click Cloud offer the same guarantees as NinjaHosts. An excellent service, with 99.99% uptime guarantee. They have 24/7 support both on e-mail and telephone. Their primary day to day business is hosting solutions so they are even more equipped to be dealing with support requests when you have them.

What happens now?

In reality, not much will change. When you need support you’ll just need to contact 1Click. When you have an invoice to pay it will come from 1Click.

No website or server transfers will need to take place as 1Click currently manage the network where the NinjaHosts servers are housed. They will simply take control over the server management of the entire network and integrate your customer accounts and services with their control panel.

Your service and domain renewal dates will be unchanged, and there is nothing to pay until your current agreements expire.


Some Questions answered...

Will I need to move my website hosting?

No, you will not need to move your website hosting. Your website hosting account, renewal date and associated setup will be transferred to 1Click Cloud.

What will happen to my domain names registered with NinjaHosts?

All domain names, respective of their renewal and expiry dates will be transferred to 1Click Cloud’s registrars. There will be no downtime during this transition.

My Domain Registrant Details are incorrect, will they be corrected?

Yes, we will correct all domain registrant details on the transfer of domains to 1Click’s registrars.

Who do I contact when I need help with my server?

1Click Cloud are experts in server administration and hosting. They’ll be able to support with requests you might have. Please note some of the support requests may require you to pay for advanced support.

Will my server need moving?

If you don’t want to move your server you won’t need to move it. The control and administration of it will transfer to the 1Click support team.

What will happen to my Exchange 2013 services?

Hardly anything. The Exchange mailboxes you currently have with NinjaHosts are provisioned by 1Click. They will simply be your point of contact for billing and support with any issues you might be having.

What will happen to my Anti-Spam services?

As with Exchange, these are provided as part of 1Click’s network. If you have spam filtering with NinjaHosts already nothing will change

What do I do when my SSL is due renewal?

1Click will be able to provide you with a new SSL for your server or website. They will have the renewal dates for all products and services and will be able to notify you when it’s due renewal.

Who do I contact if I need help with my website?

If you have a maintenance support contract with United Studios this will continue to be in place. If you experience technical issues with your website, such as a feature isn’t working, or you need help with it then you still continue to contact United Studios. If the website is down or you can’t access it you will contact 1Click.

In both situations, we will help you with who you need to contact to get the best support.

What will happen to my renewal dates and invoices?

1Click will be honouring all renewal dates on all products and services that you have with NinjaHosts. You’ll get an invoice 30 days in advance of renewal just as you do with NinjaHosts currently. You’ll be able to login to your control panel to pay them online. 1Click will require clients to pay online using their automated gateway as you did with NinjaHosts.

NinjaHosts has sent me an invoice? Who do I pay?

All invoices generated before 13th April 2018 will be payable to NinjaHosts. All invoices generated on or after the 14th of April will be payable to 1ClickCloud.

I have a credit on my account with NinjaHosts, will it get transferred?

Clients with credits will be emailed to discuss the transfer of credits to currency.

Committee or Charities, where do we stand?

Currently all charities and committee’s pay NinjaHosts for their services via cheque. You will have to start paying 1Click via Bank Transfer on the renewal of your products and services with them.

I’m not happy about this, who do I contact?

If you’re unhappy with this situation, we are sorry. We have had to make a decision we feel benefits both our clients and our team.  Operating the hosting arm of our company has drained resources from other vital areas of the company, and with the difficult market conditions, it is no longer feasible for us to continue operating this part of the company. We will continue to work extremely closely with all of our clients and will continue to work with 1Click. 1Click will continue to be the chosen hosting provider of all United Studios projects.

We’d ask that you take into consideration that we have made a decision that was critical to the successful operational nature of our company. We’d ask that if you are still unhappy to send an e-mail to Byron Rees, Managing Director on United Studios will not be continuing any hosting activities, all services will be transferred to 1Click.


How do I contact 1Click?

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