Minimalist Website Design: An Old Concept Re-purposed

by: Byron Rees

posted: September 3, 2018

Minimalist Website Design: An Old Concept Re-purposed

Minimalist website design is not a new concept. In fact, minimalism has been apparent in the artistic world for several decades. However, 2016 saw a resurgence of minimalist website design which refuses to be ignored. This is something that has been very interesting to us at United Studios as in our little web design studio in Newport, Pembrokeshire, minimalist website design is not something we are tasked to do often.

Why Go Minimal?

Minimalist website design is very effective at getting your customers to see what matters most. Your content. Going for a minimalist website design brings more attention to your written and visual content and vastly improves the readability of your site. In fact, minimalist websites often load faster than ones containing everything but the kitchen sink. Clean, minimalist web design also gives your site an air of elegance and sophistication, making it exude quiet confidence.

What Is Minimalist Web Design Exactly?

Minimalist web design uses a few crucial tools to achieve a trimmed down, spacious style. Minimalism’s main strength is its simplicity. As such, designers try to have as few elements and focal points as they can. Take the Apple website as an example. The first thing you see upon entering a product page is a large image of their product, its name, and a large expanse of white space. This draws the customer’s attention to the product, which is exactly where you want the attention to be. You should also trim down the content, communicate your product as succinctly and simply as you possibly can. This makes it easier to incorporate unique typography into your minimalist website design.

How Can I Get More Out Of My Minimalist Website Design?

You can incorporate a few interesting features to fully utilise your minimalist website design. Check out the list below:

  • Minimize the content on your homepage. The key to an eye-catching minimalist website design is a homepage that hooks your visitors. Contrasting graphics and bold typography will be crucial in achieving this.
  • A minimalistic website design is easy to maintain and update. Keeping content fresh is vital for keeping your existing customer base interested and draw more attention from new customers.
  • Market your minimalist website design with SEO marketing tools. With so little text on a minimalist website design, keywording your content becomes even more vital.

At the end of the day, how your website design looks is up to you, whether you want a minimalist website design, or one brimming with content and images, United Studios can work wonders for your business and your image.


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