Why Cheap Website Design Is a Bad Idea

by: Byron Rees

posted: October 25, 2018

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

With the increasing need to have an online presence in today’s business climate, websites have become key. This has caused a rise in cheap website design, which isn’t great for business. Which company are you more likely to use? The one with a shoddily designed website or the one with a professional, clean web page? We all know the answer, and people will apply the same logic when choosing between you and your competitors. The reality of website design is that you’ve got to spend money to see results. Now, this doesn’t mean that website design has to be expensive, on the contrary, good website design comes at a rather competitive price. That’s where United Studios comes in. We offer high-quality websites at competitive prices, without all the downfalls of ultra-cheap website design.

What Can You Expect from Cheap Website Design?

Cheap website design is often riddled with code errors. This can make the functionality and mobile friendliness features – if they were even included, to begin with – problematic. However, with the well-structured code that comes with the purchase of a premium website, these features will be included as standard and suited to your needs. Another problem that crops up often with cheap website design is that these websites become out of date very quickly, whereas spending a little more on your design could mean that your website is stylish and functional for much longer. A badly done cheap website design will also not be good for your brand and business image, old-fashioned and basic websites can put off potential customers, tragically undoing any marketing you may have implemented to bolster your business online. This can end up being a waste of resources for you and a waste of time for potential paying customers, which is an absolute no-go.

Why You Should Let United Studios Handle It

Here at United Studios, our design team has oodles of experience in creating beautiful, rich and dynamic websites, tailored perfectly to suit your needs as a business and a brand. Our designers can offer you an antidote to the venom of cheap website design, and can even help you to rebrand your business. The United Studios development team can help fix the broken bones of your website by reviving its functionality and responsiveness. We can even create bespoke database solutions for mammoth projects and provide you with excellent e-commerce systems. Need some website hosting to launch your new website? We partner with 1 Click Cloud to provide you with everything you need to get your site up and running.

So, your new website is online. What’s next? Marketing, of course. Funnily enough, we can do that for you too. Our digital marketing team can work with you to create great, keyworded content that will rank with search engines. They can also plan and carry out top-notch social media marketing strategies and even create insightful video marketing for your business. Don’t subject yourself to half-baked, cheap website design. Do it right. Go for the better option, the United Studios option.


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Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

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